waterfall for your above ground pool

How it works

The Cobra4pool pool waterfall is designed to provide you with:

✅ superior appearance

✅ jet increase-decrease button

✅ gentle massage

✅increases the oxygen content in the water

Easy installation of the waterfall

We designed the Cobra pool waterfall in such a way that it can be easily installed and wound on the internal drain of your pool. The thread diameter is 81mm.

You do NOT need any additional pipes or any additional material for attachment..

Jet increase-decrease button

The waterfall Cobra4pool has a button with which you can easily adjust the length and power of the jet

The Cobra Pool waterfall is designed to submerge when you want to cover your pool. All you have to do is rotate it in the desired direction.

How it works

Easy instalation

Jet increase button

Covering the pool